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Potentilla fruticosa BELLA BIANCA (PBR) NYHET!

€ 6,25

Potentilla fruticosa 'Bella Bianca' is a new selection of Hachmann Baumschule completing their Potentilla series again. After the 'Bellissima' with its pink to red flowers and the 'Bella Sol' with yellow-orange flowers, Hachmann introduces a new and also compact white Potentilla called 'Bella Bianca'. Like the two other Potentillas 'Bella Bianca' has the same compact growth. In spring 'Bella Bianca' flowers with pure white flowers that remain on the plant well into the summer. The foliage of 'Bella Bianca' is dark green and contrasts nicely with the pure white flowers. 'Bella Bianca' can be used in any soil and is perfectly suited for group planting. 'Bella Bianca' does not suffer from any disease or pests. Overall an excellent renewal for the garden.